State Fertility Information

Washington male infertility low sperm count

State Mandate for Insurance Coverage of Fertility Services


No mandate exists for both male and female fertility services

Male Infertility Specialists

McClure male infertility specialist

Robert Mcclure, MD

1505 West Lake Ave North #400   Seattle WA 98109

Male Infertility Fellowship: UCLA

Phone: 206-223-6179

Ostrowski male infertility specialist

              Kevin Ostrowski, MD

                   4245 Roosevelt Way NE 3rd Floor   Seattle WA 98105

                   Male Infertility Fellowship: University of Washington

                   Phone: 206-598-6358

Walsh male infertility specialist

Tom Walsh, MD

4245 Roosevelt Way NE 3rd Floor   Seattle WA 98105

Male Infertility Fellowship: University of San Francisco

Phone: 206-598-6358