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  • 50% of all couples with Fertility problems have male factor issues contributing to their situation.


  • the majority of male fertility problems are potentially reversible


  • Even if you have a normal semen analysis, your fertility potential might be lower than it could be


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To provide couples with the knowledge that they need to achieve a pregnancy and have a healthy child as quickly and effectively as possible.


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Abnormal Male Fertility Testing




Normal Semen Analysis Testing- but want to further optimize fertility potential

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Unable To Provide A Specimen for Semen Analysis




Recurrent IVF Failure




Recurrent Pregnancy Loss




Post-Vasectomy Fertility Options


The Semen Analysis


Accurate Testing and Interpretation of Results

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Sperm Boot Camp

The 10 week plan for all men to help Optimize their Fertility Potential

For All Men Trying to Have a Child Even If they Have Normal Semen Testing


Medical Optimization Program

A Medical Guide For Managing Fertility Problems In Men

More Advanced Assistance for Men with Known Fertility Issues

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Developing a Comprehensive Fertility Plan

Male Fertility Knowledge Vault



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Cancer and Male Fertility

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