Unable To Provide A Semen Specimen For Evaluation


The semen analysis test is the first step in the male fertility evaluation.  However, some men have trouble collecting a semen specimen for analysis by a fertility lab.  Sometimes an inability to collect is know beforehand, such as men who have neurologic issues such as a spinal cord injury.  Other men have known issues with erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory problems.  In some men, these problems can be situational, meaning that they only have these problems when attempting to collect a specimen for the lab.

This website has several sections which can provide some guidance for men who are having trouble successfully collecting a semen specimen for analysis.  The website section Semen Analysis Testing: When, Where, Why, and How has a "Trouble Shooting Collection Problems" area at the end which reviews strategies for navigating collection issues in men with no otherwise known significant erectile or ejaculatory problems.


For men with known erection or ejaculatory problems, please see the corresponding website sections by clicking the links below.  Spinal cord injury patients often have both erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory failure, and there is a specific Spinal Cord Injury and Male Infertility section as well.


If a semen analysis can be successfully performed, then the Interpreting Semen Analysis Testing section can help you to decipher the results.  However, if you are still not successful in collecting a semen analysis specimen, then other more advanced testing will need to be discussed with your local male fertility specialist.