Semen Analysis Testing Costs


The cost of semen analysis testing is going to be vary depending on vary depending on what type of semen testing is ordered.  Not all labs also charge the same amount for a specific test, and the quality of the evaluation does not necessarily correlate with the price.  Also, insurance sometimes will cover the cost of semen analysis testing depending on your state's mandates for fertility coverage as well as the specifics of your individual insurance policy.  Listed below are a range of general costs for semen analysis in most parts of the country.

[CPT codes for the testing are also included so that you can check with your insurance company to see if they are covered services].

Diagnosis code (ICD-10) for semen analysis testing is Z31.41

Semen Analysis (not including morphology)           $65-141         CPT 89320

Semen Analysis (with morphology)                        $125-268                 89320-52

Post-ejaculatory Urinalysis                                      $150-229                 89320-22

Sperm Wash (diagnostic)                                        $135-268                 89261-22

Sperm Cryopreservation                                         $100-150                  89259

Storage of Frozen Sperm                                         $180-360/yr              89259

Immunobead Testing                                              $150-182                   89325

Reprosource now also offers a home collection option for semen analysis testing.  This testing does include a Kruger strict morphology evaluation.  The kit is shipped to the man's house where he can collect and ship the specimen straight back to the lab for analysis.  Special lab media has been developed to maintain sperm motility and health until evaluation back at the lab.  This option can be especially helpful for men who have trouble collecting at a fertility lab, as well as for couples who do not live in close proximity to a quality lab.

The cost for the Reprosource semen analysis is $150($94.00 if out-of-network insurance) + $75 for shipping.