Referred By A Medical Professional

Welcome to the Male Fertility Guide’s section for couples who have been referred by a medical professional with whom they are working on fertility issues.  This website section is designed to help optimize the fertility potential of all men, whether they have documented abnormal semen analysis testing or not.  For assistance in helping to accurately interpret your semen analysis test results, please see the section: Semen Analysis- Testing and Interpretation of Results.


There are 3 basic categories which couples generally fall into when they visit this website for information:


1) Normal Semen Analysis Testing  (but want to still maximally optimize fertility potential from the male side)

2) Abnormal Male Fertility Testing

3) Inability to effectively provide a semen sample for testing

4) Other fertility scenarios- these can include:

            a) Normal semen analysis but still unable to conceive

            b) Recurrent unexplained pregnancy loss

            c) Recurrent unexplained IVF failure

            d) Previous vasectomy


Please click below on the scenario which best describes your situation