Normal Male Fertility Testing


Question: I have a normal semen analysis- do I even need to do anything else from the male side?


Answer: Yes


If you want to maximize your chances of successfully achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, there are some simple non-invasive efforts that you can make to ensure that the environment for sperm production is optimized.  There are two important reasons for this:


#1) The “Normal” ranges for semen analysis testing are not perfect indicators of fertility potential

There is much controversy over the semen analysis “normal” ranges, which is described in more detail in the “Semen Analysis Interpretration” section of this website. {add link}   Unfortunately, there are plenty of couples in whom the semen analysis as well as all female testing is normal, yet they are still unable to conceive naturally.


#2) There is more to sperm fertility potential than how many there are (density), how well they swim (motility), and the percent with normal shapes (morphology).

Scientific research has only just begun to delve deeper into the mysteries of the full range of fertility factors that exist within each sperm.  One example is the discovery of the DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) testing for sperm which measures the susceptibility of the sperm’s DNA to withstand fragmentation when placed under stress.  Future tests will certainly arise which will help us to more accurately determine a man’s fertility potentially more accurately than basing the evaluation solely on standard semen analysis criteria.


For these reasons, it makes sense for all men to take some basic steps to help optimize their environment for sperm production to help fully maximize their potential to establish a pregnancy and increase the chances of having a healthy baby.


Sperm Boot Camp

The Sperm Boot Camp is designed to help optimize sperm quality with relatively straightforward, non-invasive recommendations.  Not all of the recommendations are easy.  In fact, some (such as quitting smoking) can be extremely difficult.  However, there is evidence that all of these recommendations can potentially help to increase a man’s chances of achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.


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