Medical Optimization Program

The Medical Optimization Program (MOP) is designed to address the medically-related fertility risk factors that are known to potentially have a negative impact of a man’s potential to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.  While the Sperm Boot Camp focuses on an individual’s lifestyle-related activities, the MOP is designed to address a man’s medically-related risk factors, including:


1) Hormonal Abnormalities

2) Supplements and Prescription Medications

3) Reversible Semen Analysis-Related Risk Factors

4) Varicoceles

5) General Medical Diseases That Can Impact Male Fertility

6) Erectile Dysfunction

7) Ejaculatory Failure


Do I need to work with a medical provider as I go through the Medical Optimization Program?

It is recommended that men with abnormal fertility testing work with a medical provider (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) during the process of improving their fertility potential, for three reasons:

1) Some of the medical testing (such as blood work, ultrasounds, etc.) needs a signed order from a medical provider, though there are some labs which now offer tests that can be just ordered by the patient (e.g. Direct Laboratory Services LLC and Health One Labs).  The management of any hormonal abnormalities that are discovered generally requires prescription medications which need to be prescribed by a licensed medical care provider as well.

2) Some medical problems (such as testicular cancer) are more common in men with fertility problems. That’s why I recommend that men with abnormal results from fertility testing have an evaluation by a medical care provider to look for otherwise silent medical problems that may be present.

3) If you have access to a trained male infertility specialist, they can help guide you through the steps of maximizing your male fertility potential.


The General Steps of the Medical Optimization Program

If you have abnormal fertility testing and are working with a medical care provider who specializes in male fertility problems, they are generally going to order some blood testing to evaluate for hormone issues that may be present.  The presence of varicoceles can be assessed by physical exam and/or scrotal ultrasound (in the standing position).  Issues relating to medications, supplements, fertility-related medical diseases, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculatory problems are assessed by taking a thorough history at the time of the evaluation.

By filling out the Medical Fertility Profile (link below), you can review a list of medically-related fertility risk factors that may be pertinent to you.  For each of the areas marked with a "Yes", there is listed a corresponding section to the right.  Each of these sections is contained within the Medical Optimization Plan area of this website, and provides information on helping to effectively manage these medical risk factors.  If you are working with a medical care provider, please print out a copy of the completed Medical Fertility Profile and bring it with you to your next appointment.


The goal of the Medical Optimization Program is to provide men with useful information on how to evaluate and effectively address medical issues that can have a negative impact on their fertility potential.  If you do not have access to a medical professional who has specialized training male infertility, this section can help you to make sure that you are receiving adequate care.  If you are working with a male fertility specialist, the more baseline knowledge that you have can help to maximize the effectiveness of your office visits.