State Fertility Information

Illinois male infertility low sperm count

State Mandate for Insurance Coverage of Fertility Services


Mandated female fertility coverage only.

Male Infertility Specialists

Brannigan male infertility specialist

Robert Brannigan, MD

675 N St Clair 20th Floor   Chicago IL 60657

Male Infertility Fellowship: Baylor

Phone: 312-695-4393

Kohler male infertility specialist

Tobias Kohler, MD

301 N Eighth St   Springfield IL 62794

Male Infertility Fellowship: Northwestern University

Phone: 217-545-8860

Land male infertility specialist

              Spencer Land, MD

                   1431 N Western Ave #312   Chicago IL 60622

                   Male Infertility Fellowship: University of Illinois

                   Phone: 773-489-5124

Lin male infertility speciliast

William Lin, MD

676 St Clair St #1835   Chicago IL 60611

Male Infertility Fellowship: Baylor

Phone: 312-926-3535

Niederberger male infertility specialist

Craig Niederberger, MD

820 S Wood Street MC/955   Chicago IL 60612

Male Infertility Fellowship: Baylor

Phone: 312-996-9330

Ohlander male infertility specialist

             Samuel Ohlander, MD

                  1220 S Wood St   Chicago IL 60608

                  Male Infertility Fellowship: Baylor


Ross- male infertility specialist

Lawrence Ross, MD

820 S Wood St MC/955   Chicago IL 60612

Phone: 312-996-9330