Doing Your Own Research

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For couples who are doing their own research, this website can serve as a source of information to help optimize your fertility potential from the male side.  The website is split into several sections:


#1) The Semen Analysis

This section reviews in detail the semen analysis test, including how to get accurate testing, interpretation of results, and the management of many reversible analysis-related factors.


#2) Sperm Boot Camp

The Sperm Boot Camp is a self-guided section which systematically reviews lifestyle-related risk factors that can impact a man's fertility potential.


#3) Medical Optimization Program

This section reviews the medically-related issues that can decrease male fertility, as well as recommendations on effectively managing these problems.


#4) Developing a Comprehensive Fertility Plan

Once all of the male-related issues have been addressed, this section helps couple to develop a fertility plan that integrates both the male and female factors to provide the best chances of establishing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.


#5) Male Fertility Knowledge Vault

The Male Fertility Knowledge Vault contains sections on various male fertility-related topics, ranging from genetics testing to post-vasectomy fertility options.

How to Use This Website


Couples can utilize this website in a variety of ways.  One option is to just browse through the sections and read the ones that seem to be most pertinent to your particular fertility situation.  The second is to take a more structured approach by working through sections #2 through #4 of this website, starting with the Sperm Boot Camp.

Either way, we hope that the information contained within the website proves useful in helping you to maximize your fertility potential from the male side and achieve your fertility goals.