Abnormal Male Fertility Testing

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Abnormalies found on semen analysis testing are the most common indication for a male fertility evaluation.  However, there are many other reasons for why a thorough male fertility evaluation would be indicated, including men with abnormal genetics and/or sperm DNA test findings, as well as hormonal abnormalities (such as low testosterone levels).  Other men have known fertility risk factors for which further evaluation would be indicated, examples of which would include a history of spinal cord injury, varicoceles (dilated veins in the scrotum), or the use of hormonally active supplements (e.g. testosterone injections, anabolic steroids, etc.). 


A 3 step approach is generally advised in men with known fertility problems to optimize their chances of establishing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, as well as evaluate for any underlying general medical problems (such as testicular cancer, diabetes, or hormonal abnormalities) that can be contributing to their fertility problems.  These steps include:


Step 1: Sperm Boot Camp

Sperm Boot Camp is a self-directed program that reviews the basic lifestyle-related fertility risk factors and makes recommendations that can help increase male fertility potential.


Step 2: Medical Optimization Program

This section addresses medically-related problems that can negatively impact sperm quality and discusses strategies to effectively manage them. This is generally undertaken in coordination with a medical care provider with training in managing male fertility issues.


Step 3: Comprehensive Couples Planning

Once the pertinent male and female fertility issues have been addressed, all couples can potentially benefit from the Comprehensive Fertility Plan section of this website which integrates the male and female factors into a combined approach to design the most effective overall treatment strategy based on the couple's individual needs. 


There is a huge variability in the quality of medical care provided for male fertility problems.  Every man with fertility issues deserves a thorough evaluation using the latest guidelines and knowledge, but unfortunately, true specialists in male fertility problems can be difficult to find.  The goal of this website is to help educate couples on the field of male fertility so that they can be active partners with their medical care providers, and help to ensure that they are truly receiving quality care.  Better sperm quality increases the chances of successful establishing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, even if advanced female fertility treatments (such as IVF/ICSI) are being utilized.  We encourage you to be an active participant, and make sure that you are taking the steps to necessary to optimize your chances of fertility success.


To get started with Step #1, click on the Sperm Boot Camp link below