Abnormal Male Fertility Testing

When abnormalities are found on male fertility testing (such as a semen analysis) then efforts should be made to try and locate and address any present risk factors and then to develop a comprehensive couples-based plan of action.  There are 3 parts of this process:


#1) Sperm Boot Camp

The Sperm Boot Camp is a self-guided program that helps men to address lifestyle-related risk factors that are known to potentially impact their fertility potential.


#2) Medical Optimization Program

The section addresses certain medically-related risk factors that can impact male fertility, such as medications, hormones, and certain medical diseases.  As opposed to the self-guided Sperm Boot Camp, the assistance of a medical care provider is necessary to help navigate this section, as signed orders for testing (and prescription medications, if needed) are needed.


#3) Comprehensive Couples Planning

Once factors have been optimized from the male side (and female testing has also been completed), then a plan of action which includes consideration of both male and female issues present is developed and implemented.


How To Get Started


The first step is generally to start with the self-guided Sperm Boot Camp (click on the link below).  Next is to work through the Medical Optimization Program with the assistance of your medical care provider.  When these are completed, then a Comprehensive Couples Plan can be developed.

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Sperm Boot Camp


Medical Optimization Program


Comprehensive Couples Planning